Created to satisfy personal needs, whatTODO is a simple web based To Do app. It has a few key features, most notably that it attempts to intelligently order your To Dos based on what needs to be done first, hence the title.

While some elements are inspired by early versions of Request Tracker, whatTODO features a prominently displayed list of all changes made to the To Do item, as well as its current state on the details page. Other features, the left hand list for example, are not present in RT. Currently still in the early stages of development it still lacks a few features (such as changing a user’s password from the web and deleting To Dos). That being said, it does currently feature:

  • Speed: whatTODO is fast. Written in C++, whatTODO does not waste time compiling object code or even reading templates from the disk (they are embedded into the executable).
  • To Do List: The left hand side of each page contains a complete To Do list, hopefully ordered in a useful fashion. On mobile this is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • Parenting: Each To Do item may be assigned a parent, which will be create a parent-child relationship, displayed on both the parent’s and child’s details pages.
  • Blocking: Each To Do item may be assigned an arbitrary number of other To Do items which prevent it from being completed. Any To Do items which are blocked are moved lower in the list as it is assumed they cannot be worked on.
  • Time Tracking: To Do items may have a due date (and time), an estimated amount of time to complete, and an amount of time worked. These are used to determine the ordering of the To Do list.
  • Comments: An arbitrary number of comments may be attached to each To Do, these, in combination with a detailed description, should help keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be done on larger To Do items.

whatTODO is still a work in progress, and new features will be added as I have time. Follow the progress on the projects GitHub page. The project is open source, feel free to try it out (for now you must download and install it yourself, I plan on adding a demo site soon).